Wolsit® T-33

Antiseptic is used to protect wood and wood composites (plywood and chipboard) from wood-destroying insects, including termites

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Wolsit® T-33 is a water-soluble emulsion concentrate based on the Permethrin insecticide. In its pure form, it is used to protect wood composites (plywood and particle boards) from wood-destroying insects, including termites. The additive is made in the adhesive line.

Dosage for particle boards:

Single layer – 0.10% by weight of dry wood particles

Three-layer boards – outer layers 0.10% and inner layer 0.09% by weight of dry wood particles

Dosage for plywood:

Since the protective agent must be absorbed into the layers of material coming from the adhesive line, it is preferable that the thickness of the outer veneer does not exceed 2 mm.

1.5 kg/m3 boards (melamine resin)

2.0 kg/m3 boards (phenol-aldehyde and urea-formaldehyde resins).

Compatibility with phenol-aldehyde, urea-formaldehyde and melamine resins has been established in-house tests. If wood composites are also to be simultaneously treated with a fungicide, full compatibility with this fungicide must be taken into account.

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