Packaging Straps

Polyester (PET) Strap for Packaging

Polyester packaging strap is used under standard conditions and will reliably protect your products during transportation.

We produce and offer for sale the following types of SPECTA polyester strap:


In the production of polyester tape, environmentally friendly materials are actively used. All packaging materials presented in our catalog meet high quality standards.

Steel strap for packaging

Steel strap is used in tying and fixing industrial goods, and today, this type of packaging material is most common for packaging and transportation. It is a popular and easy solution for industrial cargo in ferrous, non-ferrous metallurgy, wood and construction industries, machinery, etc. Such packaging straps is also used for fastening outer packaging, fixing trade items during product stacking, stacking and distribution on a pallet/platform, as well as for other operations.

Steel packaging straps, like any other packaging material, must have high strength and ductility in order to fix the load in the desired position and prevent the destruction of the package and the displacement of goods. The coating and edge condition of this packaging material must be safe for use in packaging and ensure the safety of goods from corrosive effects in direct contact with it (exclusion of chemical attack).

Steel packing straps is the most reliable packing material, which is applicable in many situations where strength and resistance to temperature changes are required.

We offer various types of steel packaging strap:

  • SPECTA PRIMA is a reliable material for automatic and manual packaging of large cargoes (fastening outer packaging, stacked products, etc.);
  • SPECTA FACTOR is a tape of increased strength, which is used when working in difficult conditions with variable loads (for packaging pipes, long products, ingots, ingots, etc.);
  • SPECTA FORTE MODEX – for heavy products (heavy blooms, long products);
  • SPECTA DELTA is a high-strength steel tape designed for packaging heavy and hot products, including hot-rolled metal up to 25 mm thick, as well as pipes, ingots of various alloys, fittings, bars and other products.
  • SPECTA FORTE is used for packing especially heavy cargoes in difficult operating conditions (fastening of heavy piece trade units into bundles, packaging under the influence of large external alternating loads).
  • SPECTA FORTE 15 is a high tensile steel belt for heavy duty use and to secure cargo during transport, thanks to the combination of high strength and belt elongation.

Specta steel straps can be used over a wide temperature range.

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