For over 30 years, SPECTA has been one of the leading suppliers of high quality packaging materials and equipment.

During this time, we have managed to build trusting long-term partnerships with major customers from various industries, largely due to the high quality of our products. We treat our customers with great attention and approach the issue of product delivery and the choice of transport companies with all responsibility. SPECTA cooperates only with trusted carriers who ensure the complete safety of the cargo and its timely delivery. We are for transparency, accessibility and openness to new things. If you share our views and aspirations, then you are on the way with us! We invite reliable carriers to cooperate to organize the delivery of our products in Europe, Middle East and CIS

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Our main shipments are carried out by full 20-ton trucks, which deliver the cargo directly to the client from a warehouse in Kostroma. Less commonly, we use shipment by trucks from 1.5 tons, where we also use attracted transport and these transportations are carried out mainly from our regional warehouses to the client. SPECTA also provides express delivery of goods, if necessary, in agreement with the client. We are focused on long-term work, and the client is always important to us..


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