The thermal transfer printer is a high-tech machine. Its main feature is that it is capable of applying symbols and images to heat-sensitive paper. This device greatly simplifies the process of labeling goods and cargo, and is also able to quickly organize the labeling of any product by applying important information to barcodes, tags, labels, etc.

How the printer works

The main elements of this device, which are responsible for the printing process, are a special ribbon and a print head. The essence of printing is to burn symbols and letters on heat-sensitive paper using a very hot head, the temperature of which can reach +200 ° C. As a result of this procedure, the desired image or text is obtained. The tape itself, on which the print will be made, can also be different. Usually its width is 44, 57 or 80 mm. It can also have a sticky layer for ease of application to products or containers. During the printing process, the paper is attached to the print head by means of a rubber roller.

Advantages of a thermal printer from our company

  • High speed. Significantly faster than printing on inkjet and dot matrix machines.
  • Do not require extra consumables such as paint. The only consumable is the tape itself
  • The entire printing process is virtually silent.
  • The cost per print is less than printing on laser devices.
  • The length of the tag or label is limited only by the software and the length of the tape.
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