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Specta is a global provider of comprehensive packaging & marking solutions for various industries.

SPECTA is among the leading suppliers of quality products and services in the industrial packaging sector for over 30 years now. Over 2,500 companies from various industry sectors – metallurgical, wood, brick, glass – are among our customers.

The products we produce are shipped to more than 50 countries in Europe and the Middle East. All our products are manufactured in accordance with generally accepted European standards at our flagship plant.

Proper packaging makes the difference, since it is packaging that is most important for goods transportation. Thanks to the innovative approach of our experts, we have developed comprehensive solutions that comprise automatic packaging equipment, manual strapping tools and consumables for packaging various types of goods.

Being humbly grateful to all our Customers and Committed Employees, Specta has achieved a milestone of 30th Anniversary Year!

The four pillars of the company are competent customer care, constant adaptation, operational excellency and wide product range facilitating to find an optimum solution.

Specta continues to strive for leadership in the customer value and being the most trusted partner


Head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Production Facilities

1 of 5 companies with 2+ facilities in 2+ countries.

Committed to Sustainability

Sustainability is Specta’s core value.


30 years of experience in development and implementation of industrial packaging and marking solutions.


20 business offices (e.g., manufacturing and service centres) and exports to more than 50 countries.


Over 2,500 customers incl. steel, aluminium, pipe, wood processing, glass, plywood and construction.


Over 300 employees in the European and Middle East production facilities and global sales and services.


Over 1.5 million recycled plastic bottles (flakes) are used daily in the production of PET-straps.

Specta Group is one of the largest PET-strap producers globally with production capacity of 15,000 tonnes annually. Specta is one of only five companies with two or more production sites in different regions with a great reach to all target markets.

Specta has over 30 years of experience in strapping solutions with in-depth industry and production know-how that form the basis for competitive advantage. Moreover, Specta has a proven track-record of establishing and building a profitable business in the CIS-region as a template for the UAE.

Specta is a globally renown strapping solution provider that is trusted by 2,500 customers in over 50 countries. The extensive customer base forms a strong platform for future revenue generation incl. strapping and adjacent solutions as well as minimizes demand volatility.

Specta manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality PET-strapping solutions for a broad clientele for the purpose of securing industrial products during the transportation. The characteristics of the straps are tailored to meet customers’ needs and intended application.

Specta’s current and future production lines are equipped with the latest high-quality machinery that are fine-tuned leveraging Specta’s proprietary know-how. The production lines are designed to use 100% recycled PET-flakes and equipped with modern filtration systems to minimize waste.

our history

Specta’s 30 Years of History – Key Milestones

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