Automatic Packaging equipment

Packaging equipment in the production process is the last step before transportation. Therefore, packaging is so important so that the cargo is not damaged during transportation.

Types of packaging equipment

Packaging can be carried out in many ways and using different materials.

Using polyester or polypropylene tape. Such devices are also called strapping machines. They are used for packaging food, furniture and other various goods. These strapping units use tape for packaging, which is fastened using heat sealing. The connection is quite reliable. Also, devices from this group can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic.

With the help of steel tape. To fasten the ends of the steel tape, modern equipment uses spot welding, which gives a high-strength connection. These machines, with the help of built-in electronics, have the ability to independently change the tension force of the tape. This allows you to pack heavy and bulky products, as well as small and fragile goods after their production.

Using shrink material. Heat shrink is a polymer film that decreases in size under the influence of relatively high temperatures. This method is used in the packaging of food, stationery and much more.

With the help of stretch film. These devices can pack products both vertically (pallets) and horizontally (pipes, etc.). The whole packaging process consists in wrapping the goods with stretch film. Moreover, when performing this procedure, the machine takes much less time and consumables.

With the help of stretch-hood film. The packaging process itself consists in the fact that the material covers not only the products on the pallet, but also the pallet itself. This provides reliable protection against moisture and other undesirable effects on the cargo.

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