Packaging tools

SPECTA offers you packaging equipment for plastic and steel strapping. With us you can always find in stock high-quality manual packaging machines of various models for tying goods in production, in trade and in the warehouse sector.

Brief description of equipment

A manual strap wrapper is a pneumatic, electric or mechanical device that is used for strapping long or heavy loads, or for loads that need to be securely fastened during transport. The packaging tool must provide strong, stable tape tension as well as high strapping speed (especially when performing high-intensity work).

Device and characteristics

A hand-held packaging tool tensions a plastic or steel tape, followed by fastening it with metal locks, notching or friction welding. This achieves a high strength of the final connection. When choosing the right equipment, you need to consider the following parameters:

  • maximum permissible tension;
  • the possibility of fastening tapes of various types (steel, PET or PP);
  • the width and thickness of the strapping material;
  • the drive of the device itself;
  • Usability.

With the optimal loading of the belt packer, it is possible to achieve high packaging speeds during the work shift.

Types of packaging machines

The tool for strapping cargo with tapes can be locking or lockless. With the help of lockless machines, the steel tape is fastened by notching, and the polyester tape is fastened by friction welding. Locking machines, respectively, use a metal lock to fasten the tape. Mechanical machines fasten the tape with a lock with a special internal notch, automatic ones perform fastening using friction welding.

Our offer

The equipment catalog contains a large number of models of machines for various types of belts and types of cargo. Our equipment can be used in the wood, metalworking and building materials industries for linking both individual packages (boxes, packages) and entire pallets, as well as several long loads at the same time.
To get full information about the cost of goods and the terms of the order, leave a request on our website, and our managers will promptly contact you.

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