Wolsin® FL-35

Wolsin® FL-35 is an emulsion concentrate based on boric acid, propiconazoil and fenpropimorph, which provides effective protection against fungi that discolor freshly sawn wood. Wolsin® FL-35 is a liquid concentrate that mixes well with water and can be easily dosed to achieve the desired concentration. Wolsin® FL-35 can be used for all application methods such as dipping, spraying, etc.

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The active ingredients propicanazoil (2.7%), fenpropimorph (5.4%) and boric acid (9.0%) are highly effective against mold and blue wood. The combination of these three components provides a higher overall effectiveness (due to mutual reinforcement of action) against discoloring fungi (primary blue and mold).

The antifungal efficacy of Wolsin® FL-35 has been proven in extensive trials by independent institutes, as well as field trials in various climates and wood species.

The surfaces of freshly sawn wood treated with Wolsin® FL-35 and untreated wood were evaluated for various storage times and compared with reference products and untreated controls according to the following scheme:

0 = clean = no fungus

1 = traces = traces of fungal attack and/or discoloration: < 5%

2 = low impact = slight damage and/or discoloration: 6 – 25%

3 = moderate impact = moderate damage and/or discoloration: 26 – 50%

4 = severe impact = severe damage and/or discoloration: > 50%.

The main indicators of good performance against primary blue and mold are:

– in case of mold damage: score 0 – 1

– in case of damage to the blue (including after gouging): score 0 – 1.

The effectiveness of Wolsin® FL-35 has been tested by the Center Technique du Bois et de L? Ameublement (CTBA) according to French standard NFX 41-547 on pine (pinus pinaster). The test specimens were compared with untreated wood and with wood that had been treated with a 3% PCP Na solution.

A 2.2% solution of Wolsin® FL-35 met the French registration criteria for resistance against blue stain and stock spot of stacked and densely packed timber.

The Forest Research Institute in New Zealand conducted field trials on pinus radiata for 24 weeks. The results of these tests confirm the high efficiency of the 1.7% Wolsin® FL-35 solution.

The Austrian Holzforschungsininstitut (OHFI) carried out tests on spruce (picea abies) and pine (pinus sylvestris). Three months after treatment with a 1.5% solution of Wolsin® FL-35, wood staining was not detected on stacked and densely stacked pine and spruce lumber.

Follow-up tests with pine wood by an Austrian sawmill and a North German sawmill also confirmed the high performance of Wolsin® FL-35.

Determining the concentration of Wolsin® FL-35 in situ can be done using a hand-held refractometer. The refractometer is calibrated on site with the water used to prepare the solution. The concentration can be easily determined by the Brix number on the scale. The active ingredients propicanazoil, fenpropimorph and boric acid in Wolsin® FL-35 are widely used in agriculture. Toxicological testing confirms the safety of Wolsin® FL-35 when used correctly.

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