Standard quality strap for manual and automatic packing of timber industry products, cold-rolled metal sheets and coils, non-ferrous metal ingots and construction materials.

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Characteristics of SPECTA PRIMA steel belts

Size, mmTensile strength,
N/mm 2 , min.
Elongation %, min.
L=100 mm
m/kgStandard winding
16 x 0.5750115.9Multi-row, single-row
16 x 0.6750113.3Multi-row, single-row
19 x 0.5750113.4Multi-row, single-row
19 x 0.6750111.2Multi-row, single-row
19 x 0.775019.6Multi-row, single-row
19 x 0.870028.4Multi-row, single-row
25 x 0.870026.3Single-row, Multi-row (SD)
32 x 0.870025.0Single-row, Multi-row (SD)
32 x 1.070024.0Single-row, Multi-row (SD)
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