Glue-free tags made of polymer films and other materials.

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Namet, 0CApplication
Polyplast–40…+450Any products and semi-finished products when packed with tape, wire, belts, slings, cables, threads, ties, clamps; as well as marking using cotter pins, threaded and other connections. Self-tightening tags.
Laser Polyplast–40…+250
InkJet Polyplast–40…+140
Polyplast 314.520–40…+220Products with sharp edges and where special mechanical strength of the tag is required
Polyplast 954.130–40…+600Hot rolled metal products
Polyplast 717.110 Sewn-in tags – textiles, haberdashery

Features & Benefits:

Tags of the Specta Polyplast family are specialized marking solutions for tasks where it is impossible or impractical to use self-adhesive labels of the Specta Ultraplast family and, in contrast, have even more unique characteristics of materials in terms of physical and chemical resistance.

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