Mechanical lockless SPECTA KRONOS 490 is designed for steel tape packaging of extra heavy loads made of metal, wood, concrete and other materials.

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This is the only hand held tool that uses 32mm band.

The “Z-lock” fastening system provides increased protection against fastening opening due to additional reverse punching.

To increase the reliability of the binding, this model is specially designed for use with high-strength steel strap (up to 1100N/mm2) type SPECTA FORTE, but can also be used with standard strap type SPECTA PRIMA.

The patented design is made of highly durable materials.

A small number of components and spare parts require less service.

ModelTape width, mmTape thickness, mmWeight, kgfastening
KRONOS 490-25250.635-0.806Z-lock
KRONOS 490-32320.635-0.806Z-lock
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