The mechanical lockless SPECTA KRONOS 407 is designed for steel strapping of flat-surfaced loads such as sheet metal bundles, pallets, boxes, bricks, wood products, etc.

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This model uses a system of sequential cutting of the tape, which greatly facilitates the efforts of the operator and extends the life of the tool. The fastening is carried out with a triple notch.

The wide pitch of the tension handle speeds up the tensioning process, and due to the forging technology on which the handles are made, a greater tension force is achieved compared to similar models.

The tool differs in high reliability as all details are made of metal. Practically no lubrication is required for the moving parts of the tool. The soft tension spring makes it easier to manipulate the tape.

Can work in a vertical position.

ModelWidth, mmThickness, mmWeight, kg
KRONOS 40713-200.4-0.633.75
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