SPECTA DELTA is a high-strength steel tape designed for packaging the entire range of hot-rolled products, including hot-rolled metal products up to 20 mm thick, as well as pipes, ingots of various alloys, fittings, bars and other products. Packaging of finished products at high temperatures is allowed. It is used for denser packing of commodity units and when moving and transporting finished products under conditions of intense dynamic loads. Used in ferrous, non-ferrous metallurgy and construction industry.

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Characteristics of SPECTA DELTA steel belts

Size, mmTensile strength,
N/mm 2 , min.
Elongation %, min.
L=100 mm
m/kgStandard winding
19 x 0.885088.4Multi-row, single-row, Superjumbo
25 x 0.885086.3Single row, Superjumbo
32 x 0.885085.0Single row, Superjumbo
32 x 1.085084.0Single row, Superjumbo
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