The SPECTA ASAHI 865 cordless battery is widely used for tying various flat and round cargoes with polyester tape: packages, bundles, bundles, boxes, pallets, etc.

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Designed for use in particularly difficult conditions for strapping heavy loads with polyester tape. Bonding is carried out by friction welding.

It is a handy and compact tool. To ensure a high tension force, a high-powered motor is used, which ensures high reliability and durability.

Due to the battery drive it is very mobile. A new digital system for adjusting the tension speed and welding time is used.

The maximum belt tension speed is 5 m/min.

The minimum length of the flat surface of the strapped load should be 120mm, the minimum diameter of the round surface should be 700mm.

A new type of battery – lithium-ion (36 V, 5 Ah) has a large capacity, built-in electronic chip. There is no memory effect.

Tension force,
Tape typeWidth, mmThickness, mm
ASAHI 865Plastic PET25, 320.9-1.36.26500
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