The cordless SPECTA ASAHI 823 NEW is widely used for tying with polyester and polypropylene tape various goods with a flat and round surface: bags, bundles, bundles, boxes, pallets, etc.

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It is a compact tool with a choice of operating modes: manual and soft mode (“Soft”).

Bonding is carried out by friction welding.

Due to the battery drive it is very mobile. Can work in both vertical and horizontal position. A new digital system for adjusting the tension speed and welding time is used.

Includes charger and spare battery.

The maximum belt tension speed is 14 m/min.

The minimum length of the flat surface of the load to be tied must be 120 mm,

the minimum diameter of the round surface is 700 mm.

Option – work from the mains 220V (requires a special adapter).

ModelRibbonWeight with battery,
Tension force,
max. H
Tape typeWidth, mmThickness, mm 
ASAHI 823 NEWPET and RP9-160.5-1.053.61800

Packing machines with polypropylene tape allow you to quickly and without undue effort to strap goods and prepare for shipment of any type of product. Reliable tying of cargo can serve as an additional guarantee of its safety during storage and subsequent transportation. The right tool for packaging with PET tape will allow you to perform the work with maximum efficiency and without unnecessary time costs.

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