Semi-automatic packing table Specta TP-502

Packing tables of the TP-502 series are semi-automatic strapping machines of a new generation.

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Main features:

  • The tension force of the tape is from 3 to 45 kg, it is regulated through an electronic sensor, there is a possibility of “soft” strapping;
  • Very robust housing construction;
  • The height of the working table is adjustable from 780 to 950 mm;
  • There are no belts and chains in the machine, 25% fewer moving parts, which greatly facilitates maintenance and increases the reliability of the machine;
  • All motors and heating element are set to 21 V;
  • Control of the welding temperature of the tape is carried out by a sensor, which ensures a high-quality seam during soldering;
  • Extremely low noise of the strapping machine.


Strapping speed40 rpm
Tape width5÷13mm
Tape tension adjustmentElectronic
Tape tension force max3-45 kg
Package size, min120 x 30 mm
Voltage220 V (50 Hz)
Power500 W
The inner diameter of the tape bobbin200 mm
Weight TR-201 (TR-202)70 kg
Dimensions850 x 560 x 780÷950 mm
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