Semi-automatic packing table Specta TP-202

Packaging tables of the TP-202 series are high-quality and reliable strapping machines designed for strapping goods with polypropylene (PP) tape. The machines can work with tape widths from 6 to 15.5 mm. The tape is fastened by heat sealing.

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The following adjustments are available in the machines: the tension force of the belt, the temperature of the heating element and the length of the tape ejection.

The working principle of the packing table:

  1. The machine automatically throws the tape onto the worktable at a predetermined length;
  2. The operator puts the package on the machine’s worktable;
  3. With the free end of the tape, it circles around the package and inserts the tape into the receiving device of the machine;
  4. The machine automatically pulls, welds and trims the tape.

Strapping machines of the TP-202 series are:

  • high quality and simple design;
  • easy operation and easy maintenance;
  • The worktable is made of stainless steel;
  • mechanical tension;
  • durable rollers with brake;
  • Energy efficiency
  • start the engine only when necessary;
  • reliable control system;
  • accessibility for any budget;


Strapping speed24 rpm
Tape width6÷15.5mm
Tape tension adjustmentMechanical
Tape tension force max15-45 kg
Package size, min120 x 30 mm
Voltage220 V (50 Hz)
Power200 W
The inner diameter of the tape bobbin200 mm
Weight TR-201 (TR-202)100 (95) kg
Overall dimensions TR-201/202910 x 582 x 785 mm
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