Paper protective laminated anti-corrosion

Packaging laminated anti-corrosion paper is designed to protect metal products from corrosion and adverse weather conditions.

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Protective factors

High strength

Kraft paper, despite its lightness, is a fairly durable material. Additional strength is achieved by reinforcing with a special PE film and/or PP mesh.

Protection against water and water vapor

This protection is provided by a polyethylene film, which is applied to the outer surface of the wrapping paper. Thus, protection is achieved not only from pollution, water and dampness, but also from harmful impurities contained in the air in industrial enterprises. At the same time, the film prevents corrosion inhibitors such as RPC and VCI from escaping from the packaging.

Anti-corrosion resistance

To prevent metal corrosion, the wrapping paper is impregnated with chemicals such as RPC and VCI. RPC/VCI, anti-corrosion inhibitors providing corrosion protection. Their use eliminates the need for anti-corrosion treatment of the product. RPCs are intended for the protection of ferrous metal products, but are also suitable for the protection of tin and galvanized products. VCI provide protection not only to ferrous metals and tin, but also to aluminum and nickel. When packing, the paper surface should be facing the metal surface, and the film should be facing out.

Absorption of condensate and moisture

During storage and transportation, temperature changes occur inside even the most sealed packaging, which leads to the formation of water condensate. Wrapping paper is the best material for protection against condensation. It perfectly absorbs moisture, creating a good anti-corrosion effect.

The composition of the packaging protective paper includes crepe kraft paper of various densities, materials that give it strength, as well as anti-corrosion inhibitors. A special place in the range of materials is occupied by options from a combination of crepe paper with polyethylene film.

The technology of hot spot bonding of film to paper allows the production of material with a high stretch rate. This structure ensures maximum mechanical strength and flexibility of the packaging protective paper.

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