Large diameter machines SPECTA RING100+

The machine is designed for horizontal wrapping of long running products with stretch film: -Lumber - building materials - profile of various cross-sections, etc.

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Main structural elements:

  • Rigid metal frame
  • Metal rotating ring
    • SPECTA RING100 inner diameter 800-1000mm, rotation speed – 150 rpm
    • SPECTA RING140 inner diameter 1200-1400mm, rotation speed – 120 rpm
    • SPECTA RING180 inner diameter 1600-1800mm, rotation speed – 90 rpm
    • SPECTA RING210 inner diameter 1900-2100mm, rotation speed – 70 rpm
    • SPECTA RING250 inner diameter 2300-2500mm, rotation speed – 50 rpm
  • carriage with film roll
  • clamping and cutting unit
  • Conveyor in the ring to support short loads
  • Mechanical side rollers centering at the inlet and outlet
  • Photocell to determine the beginning of the winding
  • Control panel with programmable logic controller
  • Safety Shields
  • pneumatic clamping unit at the inlet and outlet
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