High-speed automatic packing table Specta TP-702

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Description and principle of operation:

Packing tables of the Specta TR-702 series are the result of the modernization of the world-famous strapping machine TR-701. The modernization made it possible to achieve an increase in the strapping speed to 65 cycles per minute and increase the reliability of the machine. Working on the machine is very easy and convenient. The operator needs to place the product under the arch and turn on the harness in one of three convenient ways: by pressing a button on the panel, pressing the foot pedal, or placing the product on a photo sensor located on the desktop.

Main features:

  • Reliable and compact strapping mechanism – the TR-702 machines provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability of the strapping mechanism, due to the use of the latest German brushless DC motors.
  • Free access to the strapping mechanism – the front part of the worktable is located on hinges, which allows for quick access to the strapping mechanism for maintenance and repair.
  • Convenient belt replacement – the strapping tape coil is installed at the end of the machine, which allows you to quickly and easily replace the belt, especially when the machine is in the conveyor.
  • Upper auto broach – the automatic belt pulling mechanism is located at the top of the coil, so that no access to the bottom of the machine is required when the belt coil is replaced.
    Operating Control Panel – The operating control panel is located at the top of the machine for easy operator access.
  • Foot pedal – ergonomic design and user-friendliness.
  • Automatic belt ejector (looper) – automatically removes the tape if the machine has strapped without product.
  • Adjustable height – the height of the table can be adjusted to any height between 820 mm and 920 mm.


Strapping speedup to 65 rpm (TP-702-59) up to 60 rpm (TP-702-12)
Tape width5 mm
Tape tension adjustmentElectronic
Tape tension force maxFrom 1 kg to 32 kg (5 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm)
Package size, min,
100×100 mm
Depends on the arch,
see the size chart below
Voltage220 W 50/60 Hz 1 phase
The inner diameter of the tape bobbin200 mm
Net weight157 kg
Dimensions1325x840x652 mm

Arch size options:

400standard +   
600 ++ ++
800  +   
1000  +++ 
1200   ++ 
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