Dispenser DU-32 is a universal model of tape unwinders and is designed to work with different types of packaging tapes (steel, polypropylene, polyester, cord) of multi-row winding.

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Permissible tape width:

steel, cord, PP – up to 19 mm

PET – up to 32 mm

Weight – 15 kg

A roll with a packing tape is attached to special fasteners, which are easily rearranged depending on the diameter of the roll. There is a locking device that does not allow unwinding an excess amount of tape.

The design of the drum allows the operator to see the remaining tape in the dispenser.

The dispenser is equipped with a tool box, which is mounted on special suspensions, so that the box is always in a horizontal plane.

The tape uncoiler is universal, easy to move, and allows for a quick roll change.

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