Chopper Specta C510

The Specta C510 chopper allows you to process solid waste quickly and reliably. This shredder can be integrated into an automated production line.

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It has many customizable options to meet your specific scrap processing needs. The model is installed on a special table in which a container for collecting shredded waste is placed. Various table modifications are available as an option.

Motor power 1.12 kW, feed speed 27 m/min.

Grinding materialsDimensions
up to 32 x 1.17 mm steel band with locksvarious wastes of steel, aluminium, brass and coppercuts and edgestubesextrusionBoot chute 57 x 19 mmDevice LxWxH 584 x 736 x 736 mmWeight 256 kg

How it works

Introduce the material into the loading chute. The pinch rollers will grip the material and pull it towards the rotating blades until the material feed stops or until the operator stops the grippers with the release lever.

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