Automatic packing table TP-601D

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Advantages of TP-601D

  • Reliable tape pull head – reliable mechanism design and high build quality
    ensure long-term operation of the tape broach head
  • Automatic belt ejector (looper) – automatically removes unnecessary tape if the machine has strapped without product
  • Electronic Tape Tension Adjustment – Easier and more accurate adjustment of the tape tension force of the
    photosensor on the desktop
  • Automatic tape filling – the machine automatically fills and refills the tape if it detects that there is no tape

– more reliable foot metal pedal (in TR-6000 – plastic) – photosensor located on the desktop (in TR-6000 – plastic limit switch)


Strapping speed29 rpm
Tape width12 mm
Tape tension adjustmentElectronic
Tape tension force max7÷70 kg
Package size, min,
100×100 mm
Depends on the arch,
see the size chart below
Voltage220 V (50/60 Hz)
Power1 kW
The inner diameter of the tape bobbin200 mm
Weight TR-201 (TR-202)220 kg
Dimensions1430 x 620 x 1540mm
Method of filling the tapeautomatic

Arch size options:

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