Automatic packing table TP-6000 for wide PP tapes

Packing tables TP-6000 are automatic strapping machines for strapping goods with polypropylene tape.Packing tables TP-6000 are automatic strapping machines for strapping goods with polypropylene tape.

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The main advantages of this strapping machine include easy loading of the coil with tape, automatic ejection of the belt loop, ease of operation and maintenance.
TP-6000 has gained a reputation as the most profitable machine of this class to maintain. Due to the availability of options, the table can be modified according to the client’s requirements.
Reliability, speed, ease of maintenance, innovative design and low maintenance costs make the TP-6000 the most affordable automatic strapping machine. The process of working on an automatic machine for TP-6000 is simple:

  • Install the package on the machine’s desktop;
  • The machine will do the rest for you after you press the “Start” button or foot pedal – it will automatically strap, tension, weld and cut the tape, it is also possible to activate the strapping using a mechanical sensor located on the desktop.

Main features:

  • Reliable design;
  • Easy to use and maintain;
  • Affordable for businesses with a small budget;
  • Mechanical strapping activation sensor mounted in the machine’s desktop;
  • Foot pedal included;
  • Sturdy rollers with brake for secure fixation of the machine;
  • High energy efficiency: the machine engine is started only as needed;
  • The possibility of external adjustment of the tape tension;
  • The fastening of the ends of the tape is carried out using heat sealing technology.


Strapping speed27 rpm
Tape width9÷12mm
Tape tension adjustmentMechanical
Tape tension force max10÷70 kg
Package size, min,
100×100 mm
Depends on the arch,
see the size chart below
Voltage220 V (50 Hz)
Power1 kW
The inner diameter of the tape bobbin200 mm
Weight TR-201 (TR-202)220 kg
Dimensions1430 x 620 x 1540mm

Arch size options:

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