When packing rounded logs, timber and other wooden products, the issue of wood protection becomes relevant. The tree must be protected from possible damage by a fungus, from mold and rot from pests, fire, etc. Very often, impregnation, varnishes, paints, antiseptics, primers are used for these purposes. An excellent choice for protecting wood and lumber are wood preservatives, which prevent many causes of damage to wood and lumber at once.

Wood preservative

There are various types of protection products, but the most common are wood preservatives and general impregnations, which are developed for indoor and outdoor use. Antiseptics for wood can ensure its safety for a period of several months to 20 years.

According to the degree of solubility, an antiseptic for wood and lumber can be:

  • water-soluble (water-based antiseptic),
  • solvent-soluble (based on organic solvents),
  • oily (oil-based antiseptic),
  • combined (antiseptic based on a combination of the previous ones).

A preservative for wood and lumber must be highly toxic in order to destroy the organisms associated with decay. But in fact, the antiseptic should penetrate the wood and make it an unsuitable environment for pests, but at the same time preserve the structure of the tree and be safe for the environment.

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