Our steel strap brands Specta Prima, Specta Factor, Specta Forte Modex, Specta Delta and Specta Forte, are used for strapping large-sized and heavy loads with both hand tools and in automatic machines. Mechanical properties and geometric characteristics comply with international standards EN 13246: 2001 and ASTM D3953-13. Non-standard sizes are also possible upon customer’s request.


  • Suitable for all industries
  • Operates in all brands of machines and tools
  • Standard and hi-tensile
  • No sharp edges or burs
  • No rejoins in winding

Surface Finishing

  • The surface of the strap is covered with anticorrosive black or zinc paint
  • Coated with a special protective compound that contributes to additional rust protection
  • Application of customer‘s logo or other graphics is possible upon customer’s request.

Up to 90% of all industrial cargo is tied with steel packing tape. A wide range of its dimensions, strength characteristics, protective coatings allows you to select steel packaging tape depending on the nature of the packaged cargo, its weight, transportation distance and packaging technology in production.

High-strength steel packing tapes: SPECTA PRIMA, SPECTA FACTOR, SPECTA FORTE MODEX, SPECTA DELTA, SPECTA FORTE are used for automatic and manual strapping of large, massive and heavy loads at ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy enterprises, in wood, mechanical engineering, production of building materials, everywhere, where a guarantee of the safety of the packaging of the cargo during transportation by rail, sea and road is required.

The production of steel strip is carried out at a modern enterprise in Kostroma, Russia, using the latest achievements in the field of high technologies. The enterprise is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001. The mechanical and geometric characteristics of the belts comply with the international standards EN 13246:2001 and ASTM D3953-13. The entire tape passes more than 20 tests, both in the laboratory and in production.

At the request of the client, it is possible to manufacture a tape of non-standard sizes and apply the customer’s logo or other information to the tape.

Specta tapes can be used over a wide temperature range.

Technical characteristics of the packaging metal tape produced by VolgaStrap

Tape surface treatment:

  • The main coatings are black, zinc. By agreement with the consumer – other colors.
  • Covered with a special protective compound.
  • The edge of the tape is processed, has no burrs.

Ribbon options:

  • Standard rolls (euroroll) weighing up to 50 kg with single-row or multi-row winding.
  • Rolls of SuperJumbo (SD) weighing from 250 to 1000 kg.

Standard pallets, depending on the assortment, have a weight of 600-1000 kg:

  • with standard eurorolls of single-row winding of 50 kg (18 rolls), weight ≈900 kg;
  • with standard eurorolls of multi-row winding of 50 kg (12 rolls), weight ≈600 kg;
  • with SuperJumbo rolls (up to 4 rolls of 250 kg each), weight ≈1000 kg;
  • with SuperJumbo rolls (2 or 3 rolls of 450-500 kg each), weight ≈900-1500 kg.
  • with SuperJumbo rolls (2 rolls of 900-1000 kg each), weight ≈1800-2000 kg.

Packing options for steel strip rolls:

  • Wrapping pallets with rolls of stretch film with anti-corrosion inhibitor VCI.
  • Packing pallets with rolls in a cardboard box.

Bonding Methods:

lock – fastening with a metal lock. For fastening, a packaging tool is used.


  • notch. For fastening, a packaging tool is used.
  • welding (welding – only for automatic machines).

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