We offer a large selection of self-adhesive labels for high-quality and fast application of information and subsequent identification of products. The scope of this type of labels is quite wide, so they are very popular among our customers.

are very popular among our customers.

Terms of reference for labeling The materials offered by us are widely used in logistics and industrial labeling. The high adhesiveness of the labels allows them to be fixed on particularly difficult surfaces, where high stability of the information carrier is required. SPECTA labels withstand high temperatures, exposure to aggressive environments and atmospheric phenomena.

The rational use of barcode labels as a means of automated accounting allows you to optimally place raw materials in the warehouse, and then send them for processing and effectively manage inventory balances. It should be noted that with the help of SPECTA tags and labels, a reliable record of the movement of products and bar coding in metal warehouses will be ensured. In addition, labels prevent any errors in the database due to the availability of real-time product information, and orders and their processing are fast and error-free.

Specializing for many years in the development and implementation of complex industrial marking solutions, we are ready to offer you the best!

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