To be the Pillar of Trust

How Specta dealt with challenges during the pandemic

The most difficult thing for business in the period of severe lockdown is not to lose touch with the customers and become the pillar of trust for them. Fears and doubts, uncertainty about the future and anxiety – many businessmen experienced all these emotions. And therefore, it was especially important for Specta to give confidence to its customers and show them that we are still working steadily. Today we can say with confidence – for these months Specta has successfully dealt with difficulties and never let its customers down.

Careful planning

When the situation in the world was changing rapidly every day, borders and factories were shutting down, there was an unclear situation with vehicles entering from abroad, the capacity of customs posts towards the EU decreased, and it was crucial for us to ensure uninterrupted order delivery to customers in Russia and abroad. As a result of the precise coordinated work of the entire supply chain and the automation of the vehicle orders, there have been no disruptions in the deliveries of our goods to customers from the very start of the pandemic. Cargo flows were redirected from the Kostroma warehouse directly to the customers if the customers could not pick up the goods from the regional warehouses. It was often done at the expense of additional costs for the company. But the most important thing for us was to deliver the required goods in the agreed period and at the best price. According to Specta Supply Chain Director Semion Sitkarev, the necessary stocks of goods were prepared in all warehouses to provide to customers in any challenging situation and to prevent production shutdowns.

Company management considers various scenarios and has already developed an action plan in case of a new quarantine and border closure.

During these difficult months our customers were sure that they could rely on Specta, because its main advantage is consistency.

Always available

Most of Specta employees have been working from home from the start of the pandemic. But at the same time all of them were available almost 24/7. Our managers stayed in touch with the customers by phone, email and even through messengers and social networks. We were able to quickly solve different issues due to prompt contact with the customers. During the pandemic we became even closer to our customers and responded to their requests even at the off-time.

We are monitoring the situation in the world

Ouremployees are constantly tracking the situation in the metallurgical markets of Russia, Europe and the USA and inform the customers about it. If, according to our forecasts, there are possible delays in deliveries, the customers are warned ahead of time and offered an alternative plan – for example, supply of goods from the nearest warehouse.

One step ahead

Due to transparency of our information, we have and continue to help our customers to do preliminary order planning by informing them about our production cycle and lead time of every stage: order processing, manufacturing, transportation and etc. We help our customers know when our products will be delivered to their region.

 Flexibility in everything

Precision planning and coordinated work of our offices in all of the countries we work in could help us deal with challenges during the pandemic and provide our customers with the goods on time.

Uneasy circumstances in the global economy showed that Specta can adapt to new realities and does its best to provide its customers with all the goods required.

Specta is always there for you!

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