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Pandemic and service: how to help the customer?
Managing the service department during a pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has affected not only manufacturing but also the maintenance service market. Due to a plurality of technical factors, such as restrictions on employee movement and logistical constraints, maintenance personnel often have difficulty accessing the customer’s site or the necessary spare parts.

The economic crisis has also had an impact. Amid the pandemic, many customers prefer to repair their equipment on their own. So, what does Specta do to help its customers in this situation?

Volume of maintenance services remains the same

Thanks to a well-tuned business model on which the company’s maintenance services are built, our engineers are still able to deliver the full range of repair services.

You can also send a faulty manual strapping tool and strapping heads for repair to the company’s service centre. We help customers facilitate delivery through Specta’s logistics department.

If you want to repair equipment and tools on your own, we can supply you with the necessary spare parts from most major manufacturers. We can also provide online consultation or training for both Russian and foreign-based partners.

Vast stocks of spares of various brands.

We repair not only Specta equipment but also tools and strapping heads from major manufacturers from Europe, Canada, and Asia. 

Today, many service departments are facing the challenge of long periods of delivering spares abroad. Regardless of the country, manufacturing and delivery periods are now longer. The reason is a decline in manufacturing capacity and logistical challenges due to pandemic-related restrictions.

Specta solves this problem by maintaining a strategic stock of the necessary spare parts at its warehouses to enable swift repair of the most popular tools among our customers.

All of these measures are intended to deliver the best service to customers in a difficult environment due to the pandemic.

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Konstantin Gasov
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Send your online consultation or online training inquiries to:

Konstantin Gasov
Tel: +7 910 199 0490
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