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Corporate Social Responsibility

Specta recognizes the social responsibility of business and works hard on the coordination of its business objectives and the legitimate development needs of the societies in which the businesses operate. The company carries out programs aimed at sustainable social development to meet the needs of the company, its employees, customers, suppliers, associates and the Society at large.

Specta focuses on the following areas of the CSR initiatives:

  • Health & Safety
  • Product Quality
  • Environment protection
  • Local Community Sponsorship


Health & Safety

Protection of lives and health of the employees and safety of the processes are the top priorities of Specta that establish conditions for successful business development.

To achieve this, the company takes care of the following:

  • Compliance with local, national and industry-specific regulations concerning Occupational health and safety (OHS) policy. Continuous monitoring, internal audits and workplace assessment to check the employees’ compliance with laws and other OHS regulations.
  • Building corporate culture based on OHS principles. The company organizes timely advanced OHS trainings of the personnel taking into account all innovative training resources.
  • Prevention of accidents, injuries and health damage and provision of safe working conditions for the company’s employees by regular analysis, improvement of OHS and timely informing the employees.
  • Enhancing production processes, using safe equipment and technologies, building the efficient operation in compliance with OHSAS 18001 – 2007. Specta plans and implements various actions to ensure the safe operation of its employees, improves working conditions and occupational health.
  • Providing wide benefit coverage for employees: a health insurance, occupation accident insurance, child care financial aid, etc.


Quality policy

The goal of Specta’s management in the area of quality is to continually improve the company’s economic situation by manufacturing competitive high-quality products meeting the consumers’ requirements of consumers.

In order to implement the Quality Policy, Specta’s management works to:

  • Ensure effective functioning and updating of the Company’s Quality Management System in compliance with international quality standards. Specta’s production was certified by DNV company by ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management system OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).
  • Modernize the production processes and implement the technological innovations to cut the expenses, to improve the transparency and quality of the process control.
  • Support the supply organization and ensure the product quality and compliance with the consumers’ demands.

Specta also recognizes the importance of the Quality Policy implementation and sees its aim in creating labour conditions ensuring conscious involvement of the employees into the quality management. The company lays stress on upgrading the knowledge base, skill sets, and enhancing the competencies of its employees by organizing regular training and education programs. Moreover Specta is involved in numerous programs designed to impart professional knowledge and skills for the benefit of the industry and the society at large.



Environment protection

Specta being one of the leading PET strap producers in Europe bases its activity on such principals as minimization of power and materials consumption with maximum possible labor efficiency. We ensure steady dynamic progression of the company supported by ecological programs. The company implements and utilizes new and in many respects innovative technologies in its area.

Supporting this policy Specta acquired the largest PET-bottle recycling plant in the St Petersburg region (Russia). The complete process comprises cleaning of the used PET bottles and treatment of the recyclate so that the end product in the form of flakes can meet the highest quality requirements after the recycling process and be used as raw material in the Specta production of PET strap. European and American certificates confirm the high quality of the recyclate for the direct use. Specta is planning to increase the capacity of the recycling plant up to 1000 tons monthly.

The average time for a plastic bottle to get completely decomposed is at least 450 years. PET bottles are one of the prevalent forms of pollution found in the oceans. Even lying in landfills, bottles leach dangerous chemicals into the ground. The environmental impact of plastic made the government pay attention to this danger and caused the development of the global plastic recycling system.

The Specta Pet strap producing technology developed in Germany allows using the recycled material in full.


Local Community Sponsorship

Fund “The Thousand Lakes charity”

Contribute to the fund


Beneficiary: Charity Fund “Country of a Thousand Lakes”

INN/KPP 4401116049/440101001

Account number: 40703810229000000319

SWIFT: 043469623

Cor. account: 30101810200000000623

Kostromskoy OSB № 8640

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