Specta completes its Forte family of High Tensile Steel Strapping

Specta  has completed product portfolio of high tensile steel  straps and now can offer to its customers  new brands  – Specta Forte 15 and Specta Forte 20  with higher elongation and tensile strength. Steel strap is produced in Russian factory and in Germany by our partner company according to contract manufacturing agreement and corresponds to European standard EN 13246:2001.

All brands are designed for work in heavy-duty conditions and guarantee stable strapping of extreme loads. They can be used for automatic or manual strapping.

Application in iron and steel industry, non-ferrous metals: hot-rolled coils, hot-rolled sheets, stainless steel (HRC, CRC), long products, tubes, wire, non-ferrous ingots.

The strap is coated with an anti-corrosion black or zinc paint.  Other colors  and individual surface print  are possible at Customer’s special request. The rounded edges make strapping safe and easy.  

We offer different sizes and winding.

Technical data

 Sizes, mmBreak load, N/mm2Elongation, A5 %Meters per 1 kgCoils
Specta Forte19×0,8970128,4Oscillated, ribbon
25×0,8970126,3Ribbon, Superjumbo
32×0,8970125,0Ribbon, Superjumbo
32×1,0970124,0Ribbon, Superjumbo
Specta Forte 1519,x0,639801510,6Oscillated, Jumbo, Superjumbo
19,x0,8980158,4Oscillated, Jumbo, Superjumbo
25,4×0,8980156,3Ribbon, Jumbo, Superjumbo
31,75×0,8980155,0Ribbon, Jumbo, Superjumbo
31,75×0,9980154,5Ribbon, Jumbo, Superjumbo
31,75×1,0980154,0Ribbon, Jumbo, Superjumbo
Specta Forte 2019,x0,638802010,6Oscillated, Jumbo, Superjumbo
19,x0,8880208,4Oscillated, Jumbo, Superjumbo
25,4×0,8880206,3Ribbon, Jumbo, Superjumbo
31,75×0,8880205,0Ribbon, Jumbo, Superjumbo
31,75×0,9880204,5Ribbon, Jumbo, Superjumbo
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