Smart planning is the key to everything

Packaging equipment experts summarise the results of the past year.

January is the perfect time to recap the past year and prioritise the implementation of this year’s plans. 2020 was quite a difficult year for Specta, just like for all market players: the Covid-19 pandemic affected the work of all companies without exception, both customers and suppliers.

Packing Equipment commodity nomenclature includes three main groups: ‘Packing machines’, ‘Tools’ and ‘Spare parts’. It is important to analyse the 2020 results for each of the groups and start implementing plans for 2021.

Strategic decisions that helped overcome difficulties

‘Automatic equipment’. Serious machines require serious investment, and few companies are poised to do that during a global pandemic. Nevertheless, Specta is proud to have implemented projects on automatic equipment and is ready to continue developing new projects scheduled for 2021 – 2022.

‘Packing tools’. With regard to this product group, the Specta team has also shown good performance despite the difficulties and limitations caused by the new coronavirus. And it is not just down to the fact that prices for high-quality equipment have always been rather high and the dramatic spike in the exchange rate spurred a price hike for foreign products. The most difficult problems were arguably the ones to do with restrictions on travel between regions.

Our key method of promoting packing tools has always been field testing, with Specta managers travelling to customers’ locations and demonstrating the models’ capabilities. In 2020, our experts had to readjust to the new environment and restrictions. The trips and testing successfully continued throughout the year, in compliance with all sanitary requirements and regulations. Therefore, it is only natural that the hard work of our sales team has been a success.

‘Spare parts and maintenance’. New life  new rules

In this sector, we experienced largely similar difficulties as in the promotion of tools. Normally, our experts would travel to the customer or organise the delivery of malfunctioning equipment to the Specta service centre for technical diagnostics or repairs. We had to adjust to the new rules of interaction between companies, as well as between employees – people working in production, suppliers and drivers.

Delivery optimisation

Another challenge that arose was the increased delivery time for spare parts. It happened for the same reason – the decreased number of employees in the enterprises of foreign suppliers, caused by coronavirus-related restrictions. The Packing Equipment team was solving this problem together with the procurement and logistics department by planning and placing orders with suppliers wisely and in a timely manner.

Plans for the future

This year, Specta is planning to consolidate its position as a multi-brand supplier and a service centre for packing equipment. In 2020, our customers sent in requests for equipment from various manufacturers. In 2021, we will try to add yet new vendors whose products Specta can supply or service.

We will continue to search for interesting and promising groups and types of equipment that we can offer to our customers. We have already laid the groundwork for that and this year we expect to expand our range with new equipment.

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