Secrets of “triple” weaving

Specta product reduces the number of complaints to zero

Construction timber is one of the most demanded materials exported by Russia to the European market. Difficulties in the wood supply are associated with the great effect of weather to the cargo state — wood dries up from the sun and swells up from moisture… How to deliver the goods to the customer in its original form, without a fear of their deterioration on the road? Polyethylene-based packaging film of Specta with infrared and ultraviolet protection features helps to solve this issue.

Protection against any weather

The film prevents the cargo from moisture and temperature differences due to special additives – a plasticizer for resistance to low temperatures and light-stabilizing additives that preserve the film from the destructive effect of UV rays. The triple woven film does not tear off during transportation and, therefore, does not allow moisture and air penetration, which is destructive to wood.

The film is welded from three layers with the perpendicular direction of the fibers in each of them. Triple weaving increases the strength characteristics of the film — unlike a smooth polyethylene film, it does not tear off at the package corners and keeps the marketable state of the cargo.

All these qualities of Specta woven film were duly appreciated by “STS Technowood”. Sending high-quality sawn timber to Japan by sea, the company faced a problem —  the smooth film covering the wood was getting torn during the journey and the wood was swollen from moisture. Indeed, customers rejected such products, and the company incurred losses. The company has completely solved the problem when it selected the woven film from Specta:  wood remained dry, complaints stopped, which means that both sides were benefited.

On roads and bumps

Forest-rich regions of the country are the most remote ones. Prior reaching the customer, sawn timber travels in almost extreme conditions: these are cobble roads without asphalt covering, many hours of run on railway platforms, and demurrage in seaports. The permanent change of transport, a transfer of cargo from trucks to train, from train to barges and steam vessels creates additional difficulties.

“Priangarsky Wood Processing Complex”, located in a small town of Krasnoyarsk Region, experienced all the difficulties of such a way and came to the conclusion that the smooth film cannot withstand such tests. Having passed 140 km on the gravel, travelled by freight-car and a few days by sea, the wood arrived to the customers in a deplorable state. The film got torn, and the timber either got dried up from the sun, or swelled from the rain. But wet wood gets covered with fungi, which leads to its damage.

Specta’s specialists offered the woven film instead of a smooth one to the customer for testing. It was successfully tested and there were no more complaints from customers — sawn timber came to Europe in excellent state. A small feature — the brand logo of the manufacturer, whose layout was developed by Specta and applied directly to the film, has also improved the product appearance and enhanced the company’s image. These examples of successful use of woven film are not the only ones demonstrating that a use of more expensive, high-quality packaging material does not increase the enterprise expenses but, on the contrary, helps to reduce losses and establish trust among customers.

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