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Steel strapping tools
Tool type
Strap width
Joint type
SPECTA GEKTOR 330 sealer
SPECTA GEKTOR 330 Sealer is widely used in strapping metallurgy and metalworking for flat and round-surface products.

The sealer is a compact mobile tool intended for steel strapping with special push type seals with two notches on each side.

Standard steel strap of SPECTA PRIMA and SPECTA FACTOR type, up to 850 N/mm*, is used.

SPECTA GEKTOR 330 is used with a tensioner.

ModelStrap width,
Strap tchickness, mmWeight,
Seal width, mm
GEKTOR 330 sealer19, 25, 320.6-1.12.845

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SPECTA GEKTOR 302 sealer
SPECTA GEKTOR 302 Sealer is used for steel strapping in steel service centers, metalworking and engineering.

This model is specifically designed for packaging of round, rectangular and irregular products, such as rolls, metal profiles etc.

It is used along with a tensioner.

ModelStrap width,
Strap tchickness, mmWeight,
Seal width, mm
19, 320.8-1.03.445

Hand-operated strapping tool SPECTA ATLAS is used for steel strapping of different goods in various industrial sectors, such as metal working, woodworking, construction materials industry and others.

A standard steel strap like SPECTA PRIMA is used.

Strap joint type – seal with one notch on each side. 

The tool can be operated both indoors and outdoors in any climatic zone.

SPECTA ATLAS has a simple and durable design ensuring its high reliability.

The tool is easy to operate and service. Due to its original design it perfectly suits for strapping minor diameter objects.

Average strength of seal
Strap typeStrap width, mmStrap thickness, mm
SPECTA ATLASsteel strap13, 16, 19*0,4 – 0,633,580% of strap strength

*- to be specified by order

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Pneumatic tools are suitable for heavy use in the steel and metals industries, metals processing and steel service centres, where durability and high speed are critical requirements. These strapping tools are suitable for the packaging of products with various shapes.

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