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The battery-driven SPECTA ASAHI PRO PLUS 19 is widely used in PET and PP strapping of various flat and round surface products such as parcels, packs, bundles, boxes, trays, etc.

It is a compact tool with automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and soft operating modes. Strapping is performed with the pressing of a single button (in automatic or semi-automatic mode).

The strap is sealed by friction welding.

The tool is very mobile, thanks to the battery drive. It can operate in both vertical and horizontal positions. It uses a new digital system to adjust tightening speed and welding time.

The light-weight, compact new-type Li-ion battery (18 V, 5 Ah) has a large capacity. The tool is fitted with a long-service-life brushless motor.

It comes with a charger.

The maximum strap tightening speed is 9 m/min.

The minimum length of the flat surface of the strapped cargo should be 120 mm, and the minimum diameter of the round surface should be 700 mm.

Thanks to stainless steel parts, the tool can operate in high-humidity environments.

There is a 220 V power option (a special adapter required).

ModelStrapWeight with battery,
Max tension, N

Strap type

Width, mmThickness, mm
ASAHI PRO PLUS 19РЕТ and РP16-190.7-1.274.04200
New design
Light and compact
Ergonomic handle
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