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SPECTA ASAHI PRO 10-16 is a battery driven PET strapping tool for different flat and round surface products, such as parcels, packs, bundles, boxes, trays, pallets etc.

It is a compact tool with automatic, semi-automatic, manual or soft working mode. Strapping is performed by pressing only one button (in automatic and semi-automatic modes). The strap is sealed by friction welding.

The battery drive makes the tool very mobile. It can operate both in vertical and horizontal positions. A new digital system for adjustment of tightening speed and welding time is applied.

A light-weight, compact new type battery (lithium-ion, 14,4 V, 3A/hour) has large capacity. The tool has a brushless motor, which has long service life. The maximum strap tightening speed is 16 m/min. The minimum length of packaged cargo flat service should be 120 mm; the minimum diameter of round surface should be 700 mm.

Option – AC-line operation (with a special adapter).

ModelStrapWeight, kgMax. tension, N
TypeWidth, mmThickness, mm
ASAHI PRO 10-16PET & PP10-160.5-1.13.7 with battery2800

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Automatic mode
Digital display always-visible parameters
“SOFT” program for fragile packages
Multifunctional start push-button
Push Button for welding action start
Ergonomic handle with Skidproof Rubber
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