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Specta C510 Chopper
Specta C510 chopper makes solid waste disposal quick and safe. The device may be built into automated production lines.

The chopper has a variety of customizable options to meet any specific scrap disposal needs. The chopper is installed on a special table with an embedded container to collect cut wastes. Different models of tables are available as an option.
The motor power is 1.12 kW, and the infeed speed is 27 meters per minute.

Materials to be choppedDimensions
  • Steel strap with clips up to 32 x 1.17 mm
  • Various steel, aluminium, latten and copper wastes
  • Cuttings and edges
  • Tubes
  • Feed socket                      57х19 mm
  • Chopper LхWхH              584х736х736 mm
  • Weigh                                256 kg
  • Cut length                         8.9 cm

Operating principle
Place the material into the feed socket. The clamping rollers will grab the strap and pull it to the rotating knives until the materialis consumed or the operator stops the rollers using the release lever.

Specta C510 Chopper Download



Knives to cut hard metal wastes
Drive to the both feed rollers to increase charge efficiency
Easy access to the release lever
Feed socket with an anti-rebound door
The knives can be rotated 4 times for extended life
The hinged front panel for easy maintenance
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