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Specta Prima is a standard-quality strap for manual and automatic packaging of processed wood products, cold-rolled sheet and coil steel, non-ferrous metal ingots, and building materials.
Size, mmBreak load,
N/mm2, min. 
Elongation %, min.  m/kgCoils
L=100 mmA5
13 x 0.57501320.06Oscillated
16 х 0.57501315.9Oscillated, ribbon
16 х 0.67501313.3Oscillated, ribbon
19 х 0.57501313.4Oscillated, ribbon
19 х 0.67501311.2Oscillated, ribbon
19 х 0.7750139.6Oscillated, ribbon
19 х 0.8700268.4Oscillated, ribbon
25 х 0.8700266.3Ribbon, Superjumbo
32 х 0.8700265.0Ribbon, Superjumbo
32 х 1.0700264.0Ribbon, Superjumbo
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