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SPECTA FORTE 15 has been specially designed to handle heavy loads. Due to its high strength and elongation as well as increased resistance to dynamic and impact loads, the strap guarantees reliable packaging under heavy transportation and storage conditions. It is used in iron and steel and non-ferrous industries to pack hot-rolled coils and sheets, stainless steel (hot-rolled and cold-rolled), pipes, sections, wire, sectional and shaped iron. Finished products may be packed at high temperatures.

SPECTA FORTE 15 characteristics

Size, mmBreak load, N/mm2, min.Elongation %, min.m/kgCoils
L=100 mmA5
19.0 х 0.6398081310.6Oscillated, Jumbo, Superjumbo
19.0 х 0.89808138.4Oscillated, Jumbo, Superjumbo
25.4 х 0.89808136.3Ribbon, Jumbo, Superjumbo
31.75 x 0.89808135.0Ribbon, Jumbo, Superjumbo
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