Specta Delta is a high tensile steel strap suitable for packaging of heavy and hot products: hot rolled metals with thickness up to 25mm, metal pipes, ingots of different alloys, bars, rods etc. It is used for more tense packing of transported products in severe conditions in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and construction industry.
Size, mmBreak load, N/mm2, min.Elongation %, min.m/kgCoils
L=100 mmA5
19 х 0.88508128.4Oscillated, Ribbon, Superjumbo
25 х 0.88508126.3Ribbon, Superjumbo
32 х 0.88508125.0Ribbon, Superjumbo
32 x 1.08508124.0Ribbon, Superjumbo
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