SPECTA ARGOS 850 & 851

The SPECTA ARGOS 850 and 851 model is widely used in the wood, metalworking and construction industries for tying various goods with polyester tape.

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SPECTA ARGOS 850 and 851 hand tools can be used in various industries when forming cargo units, in particular, transport packages from lumber, collapsible furniture, for fastening containers, tying packages of bricks, pipes, etc.

The principle of operation of the product consists in tensioning the ends of the tape tied around the object to be packed, fastening the tape with a special staple to form a lock and cutting off the free end of the tape.

The product is intended for use indoors and outdoors in all climatic zones.

TypeWidth, mmThickness, mm
ARGOS 85PET & PP15-160.65-1.05>3.82000-3000
ARGOS 851PET & PP120.65-1.053.82000-3000
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