Protective corners

To protect corners and edges during storage and transport

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Damage to corners and edges during storage and transport is a costly problem. To solve this problem, manufacturers are increasingly using protective corners.

Traditionally, the company supplies protective corners, the production of which is based on the lamination technology. Thanks to this, the produced protective corners become especially moisture resistant.

SPECTA provides an opportunity to optimally choose the protection of products with the help of various types of corners:

– protective frame – for packing packs of metal products, air conditioners, refrigerators, motorcycles, etc.;

– end and bending corners – for rolled materials;

– corners with a U-profile protecting the edges of products, etc.

Protective corners are made taking into account the dimensions of the customer’s products, delivered in molded pieces. Unlike wooden packaging, cardboard corners do not require a hygiene certificate. Our product complies with international standards for recycling. Recycling corners is a simple and low-cost process. The use of protective corners can significantly reduce industrial injuries in the process of product packaging.

Cardboard corners are significantly cheaper than traditionally used metal protective structures.

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