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High Temperature PI Tags
High Temperature Polyimide is a 150 micron material which is coated on both sides with a smooth, high temperature, thermal transfer printable layer giving. The smooth surface allows contaminants to be wiped from the tag helping to maintain barcode and data readability. Polyimide is resistant to various chemicals and is suitable for long term outdoor exposure.

High Temperature Polyimide Tags have been specifically developed to identify and track steel and metal products, without surface discolouration or loss of printed data, where high temperature processing exists. The temperature resistance of the tag is dependent on the size of the hot product, distance between the heat source and tag and the degree of cooling.

Features & Benefits

  • Temperature resistance from -40°C to +550°C
  • Survives long term outdoor exposure, contact with water, various chemicals and rough handling.
  • Variable data and barcodes can be overprinted onto High Temperature PI tags using a thermal transfer printer and High Temp ribbons. The gloss surface gives excellent print quality.
  • Can be attached using security clips, wires, stud welding system or strapping/banding materials.

Supply Formats

  • Plain or pre printed
  • Supplied in various size options with either holes or banding slots
  • In rolls or fan folded
  • High gloss finish on face matt finish on reverse


  • Thermal transfer printable with suitable labelling software
  • Label and ribbon combination: High Temp ribbon

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Self-adhesive (S/A) labels and glueless tags made of paper and cardboard.
Product linet, 0CArea of application
Thermo Card–40…+80Baggage tags
Transfer Card–40…+230Light industry products (clothing, footwear, bags, jewelry, toys), beverages and premium products
Laser Card–40…+230
InkJet Card–40…+230

Features and Advantages:

Specta Papyrus Papyrus tags are a simple and cheap solution for everyday labeling tasks in most industries that have no special requirements for chemical and mechanical durability, thermal stability and resistance to moisture. They are suitable for individual labeling of the product and for group labeling of packaged products. 

Tags made of polymer films and other materials.


Product linet, 0CArea of application
Polyplast–40…+450All products and semi-finished products when packed with tape, wire, straps, slings, ropes, twine, ties, clips; as well as marking with pins, threads and other connections. Self-tightening labels.
Laser Polyplast–40…+250
InkJet Polyplast–40…+140
Polyplast 314.520–40…+220Products with sharp edges and for which a particular mechanical resistance of the label is required
Polyplast 954.130–40…+600Hot-rolled steel
Polyplast 717.110 

Sewing labels – textiles, haberdashery

Features and Advantages:
Specta Polyplast tags are a specialized labeling solution for the applications where the use of Specta Ultraplast self-adhesive labels is impossible or unpractical and, unlike them, have more unique characteristics of materials in terms of physical and chemical stability.

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