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Self-adhesive (S/A) labels made of paper and cardboard.


Product lineAdhesivet, 0CArea of application
Thermo Paper S/AAcrylic/Rubber–40…+80Retail trade, short-term storage facilities
Transfer Paper S/AAcrylic/Rubber–40…+80Boxes, envelopes, bags, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, film-packaged products, products for the end-user
Laser Paper S/AAcrylic–40…+80
InkJet Paper S/AAcrylic–40…+80
Security Paper S/AAcrylic/Rubber–40…+80

Characteristic Properties and Advantages:

Specta Papyrus Papyrus labels are a simple and cheap solution for everyday labeling tasks in most industries that have no special requirements for chemical and mechanical durability, thermal stability and resistance to moisture. They are suitable for individual labeling of the product and for group labeling of packaged products. A wide range of self-adhesive labels enables the use of a correct and feasible solution: permanent or removable adhesives, acrylic or rubber adhesives, with a greater or a less initial adhesion degree.

Self-adhesive (S/A) labels made of polymer films and other materials.


Product lineAdhesivet, 0CArea of application
Ultraplast S/ASpecial–40…+320Products and semi-finished products made of stone, metal, glass, wood, rubber and plastic, industrial and household chemicals, engineering
Laser Ultraplast S/ASpecial–40…+150
InkJet Ultraplast S/ASpecial–40…+100
Security Ultraplast S/ASpecial–40…+150Boxes, envelopes, bags, containers, containers, electrical appliances
Foil Ultraplast 412.RPSpecial–40…+400Very rough and curved surfaces, hot metal rolls, sheets, pipes, etc.

Features and Advantages:

Specta Ultraplast labels are a specialized labeling solution for the applications that require compliance with special requirements for mechanical durability or thermal stability as well as high resistance to moisture, oils, solvents, and alkalis. They are ideal for construction, metallurgical and other industries that have high requirements for the quality of labeling. Foil labels are a unique solution for extreme application conditions (high temperatures, extremely rough and complicated surfaces). Security labels are a range of labeling solutions that are designed to protect products from counterfeiting and unauthorized access. A wide range of special adhesive bases of labels extends their use on difficult, contaminated, and rough surfaces: permanent or removable adhesive, with a greater initial adhesion degree and the strength of the adhesive joint, with a greater thickness of the adhesive layer, and high- or low-temperature adhesives.

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