Your products are worth good packing! SPECTA at Lesdrevmash 2012 Exhibition
Your products are worth good packing! SPECTA at Lesdrevmash 2012 Exhibition

The 14th International Exhibition Lesdrevmash 2012. was held in Moscow Expocentre on 22-26 October. This year more than 500 companies from 30 countries took part in the exhibition. They exhibited new technologies and equipment for timber, woodworking, pulp and paper industries. Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Finland, China, the Czech Republic and Russia presented national expositions. It is encouraging to see that Russian exposition significantly increased both in size and in the number of participants. As a part of the exhibition the 6th International Forum “Forest and Man” was held. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev also visited the exhibition and forum.

Nowadays Russian Woodworking Enterprises need modern technologies, equipment and highly technical machines. Taking into account these tasks SPECTA has focused on exhibiting modern automatic packing equipment for woodworking. At the booth SPECTA demonstrated in operation:

  • Automatic machine for PET strapping. The machine can be easily integrated into production lines, the required number of studs is performed automatically, so there is no need for an operator. Size of the frame can be made on request, depending on the strapped product geometry.
  • Semi-automatic machine for stretch-film horizontal wrapping. The following characteristics: compact, easy to install and operate, good packing speed – make the machine indispensable for many woodworking companies.
  • A wide range of SPECTA strapping tools for steel and plastic strapping, including the newest electric tool SPECTA Asahi PRO, that can work both on battery power and on the network. All the models are characterized by high strap sealing quality that eventually is the most important factor for cargo safety.

SPECTA also exhibited products of its own production: polyester strap SPECTA ALTO and SPECTA BRAVA, high tensile steel strap SPECTA PRIMA, SPECTA FACTOR, SPECTA FORTE, that have already proved their advantages in the Russian market and are exported to Europe and Asia.

To protect timber and lumber from fungus, mold, rot and insects SPECTA offers antiseptic agents Sinesto® and Volmanit CX® that suit all the safety and environmental protection requirements. Multilayer film resistant to low temperatures with protective features from infrared and ultraviolet radiation was also presented.

Visitors took interest in marking solutions that were represented by modern thermal transfer printers, self-adhesive labels and ribbons.

It was important for woodworkers to get complex solutions for their products packaging and labeling. SPECTA experts consulted more than two hundred visitors on wood products specific packaging and protection.

Participation in the exhibition helped us to assess the situation in the market, make priorities and implement new forms of mutually beneficial cooperation.

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