What does the world steel market expect?

SPECTA became a sponsor of the annual international conference EUROPE STEEL MARKETS 2018. This most important discussion forum for all market participants is held for the third time in different countries, this time in Antwerpen (Belgium). The speakers are focused on a wide range of issues related to the market conditions changes in Europe and the United States.

The conference program comprises many topics: investments, new mergers, trade financing, raw materials and production oversupply. More than twenty speakers from large companies in their reports analyzed trends that have a significant impact on the market, primarily the policies of Donald Trump and the European Commission. The trade and tariff policy issues have been especially troubling for representatives of the steel sector for the last two years.

The changed market conditions put new challenges for the European steel industry, which require a joint solution. According to analysts, the change in policy will entail global changes in the economy: the steel and ferrous metals scrap market in Europe will change, and it will result in merger of companies. In this regard, it will be necessary to change the investment strategy of enterprises.

A new policy of tariff rates in the US especially worried the conference participants. According to experts, new prices will change trade flows and the entire supply chain. On the whole, European metallurgical companies are waiting for the prompt adoption of protectionist measures and rely on them.

The two-day conference provided an excellent opportunity to focus on the most important trends that will determine the world situation in the coming years. The communication went on outside the conference hall – all participants continued to share experiences during the tour through the port of Antwerpen and in the Network Speed Meeting format, all participants of this meeting had an opportunity to make a presentation of the company in 60 seconds and exchange business cards with colleagues.

Working with leading metallurgical companies, SPECTA closely follows the situation in the world steel market. Participation in the conference of this level allowed representatives of the company to assess future changes, establish and strengthen contacts with key players in the global steel industry.

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