Speсta expands the portfolio of products designed for cargo strapping with polypropylene straps.

Polypropylene strap is a packaging material used for strapping various light cargoes: packages, packs, bunches, boxes, pallets, etc. We recommend using PET straps for strapping of heavier cargoes and group packing of small packs.

Polypropylene strapping is a simple process subject to availability of proper tools and accessories.


SPECTA offers the entire range of PP straps, as well as various tools and accessories to equip the packaging station:

N-83 mobile strap dispenser for unwinding and fixing of PP strap is equipped with a box for tools and seals and is easily relocated.

N-83 strap dispenser is assigned for PP strap unwinding and fixing.
SPECTA ASAHI 823 NEW battery-powered tool for strapping of various flat and round surfaced cargoes with polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) strap. The strap is sealed by friction welding.
N-42 combined tool is designed for cargo strapping using seals and PP strap.
N-21 tensioner pulls and cuts the PP strap. It is used complete with N-34 pliers for clamping by a lock or together with a metal buckle.
N-34 pliers are assigned for PP strap clamping with a metal lock.
KL-1 strap cutter is assigned to cut packaging straps safely.


Seals/clamps and buckles are used for PP strap fastening:

Замок/скоба металлическая для ПП ленты изготавливается из стали толщиной от 0,4 до 0,7 мм. Ширина замка соответствует ширине ленты.
Пряжка металлическая для ПП ленты изготавливается из проволоки диаметром 3,0, 3,5 и 3,6 мм. Выпускается в трех видах исполнения под разную ширину ленты.
Пряжка пластиковая для ПП ленты. Выдерживает нагрузку до 350 кг


The following items can be used when strapping with a PP strap:

Plastic corners protect cargo against damaging by a packing strap.
Cardboard edge boards protect corners and edges of cargo when storing and transporting thereof.


SPECTA supplies both individual and complete products (strap, tools, seals/clamps, buckles).

More detailed information will be provided by our managers.

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