Upgrading in a crisis

It is hard to argue with the fact that 2020 has been a difficult year. There is not a single country, not a single economic sector that would not have experienced the negative impact of the global pandemic. Under such circumstances when the main goal of almost all production facilities was to survive and not go down, it was rather challenging to perform an upgrade. But even in this difficult situation Specta team has been able to implement a number of’ projects. Our article is about one of them.

Everything began in February

At that time no one knew what challenges were waiting for us ahead. So, past February a manufacturer of construction materials decided to upgrade the packing area of their aerated block production line. The customer contacted Specta and asked for technical support – to provide service and diagnostics of the old strapping machines. But during the project discussion both parties decided that the best option was to supply new equipment. Specta engineers prepared a technical-commercial offer for the system consisting of two machines for vertical and horizontal polyester strapping with the required options. The contract was about to be signed, but the coronavirus made its own adjustments.

Upgrading in two steps

Due to pandemic, the customer had to reduce expenditures and the issue on new equipment supply remained unsettled. This continued till the end of the spring. Then, Specta offered the company to buy equipment in two steps: the horizontal strapping machine in 2020 and the vertical strapping machine in 2021. This solution reduced the financial burden for the customer and allowed to conduct the plant upgrade.

Despite the crisis, the transaction was made and the contract for supply was signed

Now Specta team together with its Italian partner has to not just fulfill contractual obligations, but to show to the customer a high level of professionalism, in order to continue the second step of project implementation — supply of vertical strapping machine.

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