The pandemic is not a hindrance!

In May 2020, some more types of Specta polyester packing strap were certified by Association of American Railroads (AAR), which is responsible for a compliance of components providing an acceptable safety level on roads with standards and specifications.

In 2019, our company already entered the List of approved manufacturers and suppliers as a steel and plastic packing strap manufacturer. All packing straps to be used for transportation in the United States must be verified by AAR.

This time, samples of some more typical sizes of Specta polyester straps have been successfully tested in the Association, and today 4 types of plastic straps: 5/8 x 0.035″ smooth and embossed straps, 3/4 x 0.040″ embossed strap, 1 1/4 x 0.050″ embossed strap have confirmed their high quality and can be used to pack goods to be transported by American Railways.

The certification confirms that Specta packing strap meets safety requirements and the latest world standards.  The fact referred allows the company to expand its presence in the US market and increases the number of potential customers in America.

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