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How to combine elasticity and strength in a packing strap?

Specta production engineers answered this question when they developed and launched a new polyester strap Specta Virtus in 2017. The company has also significantly expanded the range of the latest development of 2016 – Specta Auris strap  –  up to 15 standard sizes. The new PET straps have successfully passed industrial tests at Russian and European enterprises and are available for ordering.

Novel packing strap Specta Auris and Specta Virtus managed to combine the two most important and at the same time contradicting strap properties – elasticity and strength. When developing this innovation, the technology of double embossing of the surface of the strap was used, which allowed to increase the adherence of the idler wheel of the packaging tool with the surface of the strap, while packing a product, without loss of strength properties.

The elongation of Specta Auris  and Specta Virtus is 12 to 25%, enabling it to retain plasticity even under major mechanical stress, thus reliably preserving the goods during transportation. New PET strap is suitable for both automatic equipment and hand tools and is  supplied in standard rolls packed in 48 pieces on a pallet of 1,200 x 1,200 mm.

The main advantage of Virtus cutting-edge development in comparison with  Auris strap is the increased breaking load.

Specta keeps on going and constantly works on renewal and expansion of the range of packing materials, taking into account special requirements of customers and the needs of modern industries.

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